Getting Started

From learning how to use Neo4j to starter kits that allow you to hit the ground running, we have something for everyone. 

Here are the list of resources to get you all ready to build:

  • New to Neo4j and graph databases? Check out our self-paced online training course, GraphAcademy. The GraphQL training course will be released on 27th April

  • Step by step instructions to get started with Neo4j GraphQL

  • Need a full stack starter kit? The GRANDstack starter kit, based on GraphQL, React, Apollo and Neo4j will get you going with a sample application

  • Wondering what database instance to go for? 

    • No download, no install trial database - Neo4j Sandbox - lasts up to 10 days. 

    • Local instance installationNeo4j Desktop — which comes with a development license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition for developing locally. 

    • Cloud instance - Neo4j Aura (Database-as-a-Service) 

  • Need help? Speak to the experts on the Neo4j Discord server (#hackathon) as well as in the community forum to answer questions when you need help. 

  • Need the docs? Access the Neo4j GraphQL documentation on how to get started.

  • Need some inspiration? Check out the amazing projects from our previous hackathon